Pots and Planters

We specialise in pots and planters. Buy them empty or have us fill them with plants. We also do hanging baskets!

One of the easiest and most versatile ways to add colour and life to your garden is through the use of pots and planters, which is why we always have such a wide range of colours, sizes and styles in stock.

Pots of Distinction

The pots in this range all share the same type of red/brown finish but their array of styles is fantastic. From small squares to enormous bowls and urns, there is something to fit any space or plant. We’ve even planted mature olive trees into some of the very largest pots!

Errington Reay

These premium pots are made in Bardon Mill, Northumberland. They marry contemporary shapes and styles with age-old glazing techniques (their Elemental collection is something special) to produce amazing pots that carry a 10 year guarantee as standard.


A perfect mix of style and value, these pots from Woodlodge come in many shapes, finishes and sizes. Whether you are looking for traditional terracotta pots or contemporary shapes made from resin and fibreglass, the sheer variety is staggering.

Hanging Baskets

Down here at The Old School Nursery, our hanging baskets are pretty legendary. In 2019 we planted and sold at least 1,500 of them! From small wicker baskets for £10 to huge, side-planted baskets with built-in water reservoirs, we have baskets for every application (including winter planting).

Huge Reductions

Half Price Pots

We have a huge selection of half price posts in many different sizes, shapes and colours. They are a great way to add instant colour to your garden!

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