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The Old School Nursery not only has a great range of trees and hedging in stock, but we are also able to order and deliver an even greater selection than you will find on site.

If you are planting up a new garden, sometimes you need a statement tree to tie everything together. How about a gnarled, mature olive that is full of character? Maybe you are after a fruit tree so you can harvest come the Autumn? How about something like a winnowy silver birch that moves gracefully in the wind?

Hedging has always been a popular way of helping to lay out your garden, providing live and privacy as well as clearly marking our different areas of any outdoor space. Here at The Old School Nursery we always make sure that we have our most popular hedging plants in stock or on order.

Laurel is great as a shield, with its large leaf size providing great privacy. Similar to that is Griselinia, with slightly smaller leaves but really well suited to coastal applications. Maybe you are looking for something that can be shaped to please your inner topiarist? Then check out or range of Buxus plants.

These are some of the most popular options - we also specialise in Mediterranean plants, from large palms to fig trees. Or maybe you are after the delicate foliage of an Acer? Our range of trees, shrubs and hedges is really impressive - come and see for yourself!


Laurel Hedging plants just £7.99 each

These quality potted laurel plants are just £7.99 each, perfect for a privacy screen or a garden hedge. Fast growing and hardy!

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