Seasonal Specials

Our experts are always on the lookout for seasonal specials, for plants that add that extra something special to your garden whatever the time of year.

Because we grow as well as buying in from external suppliers, we always have seasonal offers down here at The Old School Nursery. As experts who are always on the lookout for something new and unusual, we try to bring you new and surprising seasonal specials alongside the classics that everyone knows and loves.

In the Spring we are excited to see the shoots of our spring bulbs poking up through the compost, as well as other early bedding plants like primroses and pansies. We usually have special offers on bowls and planters full of these items, ready to bring some early colour to your home and garden.

Summer sees our fresh produce plants like tomatoes and cucumbers start to fly out of the door. We always have great offers on perennials as well as many of our trays of bedding plants. This is our busiest time of year in terms of the sheer variety and quantity of plants coming through the site.

As Autumn arrives, many people think that the garden is winding down but we have many plants that really flourish at this time. Acers have foliage that turns really vivid colours and plants like Pansies and Winter Cyclamen continue to flower as the days draw in.

Typically, most plants shut down as winter hits. This is when we bring out our winter baskets, full of colour and plants that flourish despite the cold weather. Plants like the skimmia japonica burst into colour with their red berries and rich, green foliage.

There is always something new on site - be sure to keep an eye on our blog to see what’s new and what’s coming in.

Multibuy Prices

Spring Bulb packs, £3.50 each or 3 for £10

We have a fantastic range of daffodil, hyacinth, tulip, snowdrop, iris, fritillery, crocus and more. In various colours, sizes and bloom shapes, there are the old favourites as well as new and exciting varieties.

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